Women creating real change for women in our community

Women across the country are working hard to make ends meet, often in unsafe homes and communities. More than one in   seven women and more than one in five children live in poverty. More than half of those children live in families headed by women. In 2015, 66% of the individuals served by Rebuilding Together Seattle were women, most of whom are the head of their household. Together we can increase the health and safety of these women's homes, and empower women to become changemakers in their communities.

Rebuilding Together Seattle launched our She Builds project in 2016. Together with corporate sponsors and community partners, we restored the homes of four women in the Allentown neighborhood of Tukwila and facilitated home repair workshops designed to train volunteers and empower homeowners to take their home maintenance needs into their own hands.

Will you join us to create real change for women in our community? Email Hannah Colston at hcolston@rtseattle.org if you're interested in partnering with us for She Builds in the future.


Thank You to Our Sponsors & Partners

Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30

Sisters in the Brotherhood
Rebecca West
City of Tukwila
Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County
King County Housing Repair

She Builds Workshop Videos

Didn't get the chance to attend our She Builds educational workshops?
Check out the videos below to brush up on your home maintenance skills and learn how to create a happy home.

Rebecca West: Happy Starts at Home

Amy Ecklund: Home Maintenance 101

Meet the Homeowners


Eileen was left with nowhere to turn when her husband passed away in 2006 and, shortly after, she was told her building would be demolished and she would be left without a place to live. A friend agreed to let Eileen stay with him until she could figure out her next step, however, her friend developed a serious illness and Eileen became his full-time caretaker. After three years, Eileen’s friend passed away and left the home to her. 

The home needs safety and accessibility improvements that Eileen cannot complete herself, such as installing a walk-in shower, improving the security of her front door, repairing drywall, replacing old carpet, and more.


Irene is 96 years young and lives on her own in Allentown. She worked as a welder in the shipbuilding industry and considers herself the original "Rosie the Riveter"! Irene takes great pride in her home and in her independence: she often hosts her children and grandchildren and shares the harvest from her garden with her neighbors. However, parts of Irene's home have become unsafe or unstable and she is in need of critical repairs and upgrades to help her maintain her independence. 

Irene needs a secure walkway around her house, new doors, grab bars in her bathroom, re-sealed windows, cleaned and sealed gutters, and more. 


Judy, 72, has been living in her home for 44 years. After her father passed away, Judy and her mother purchased the home together. She worked full-time for many years, but when her company moved their headquarters away from Seattle, Judy was left without a job. A chronic illness prevented her from seeking new employment, leaving her to live off of her Social Security benefits, unable to keep up with the maintenance that her home needs. 

To improve her home's safety and accessibility, Judy needs her back steps repaired, a wall heater replaced, outdoor lighting fixed, and more. 


Jimmi, 75, has a green thumb and beautiful home, that she bought when she retired 16 years ago.  In her younger days, she was an actress, a fact made apparent by her exuberant and cheery personality! She has issues with balance due to neuropathy, making it difficult and unsafe for her to do repairs around her home.

Jimmi needs a gutter for her front porch, a secured screen, overgrown trees trimmed, yard work, and more.